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Descendants of Patrick Wade (1834-1912)

Patrick Joseph Wade (1833-1912) was a gardener born in the Burrow of Portraine, County Dublin to James Wade and Margaret Riley.  The Wade family were closely linked to my Leonard family during the Famine.  Patrick was godfather to Mathew Leonard's daughter Elizabeth.

Patrick arrived in Portland Maine in 1861, during the Famine, along with his father and some of his siblings (Peter, Alice, Mary Anne and Julia - baptized "Judith"), and later his father joined the family.

Patrick and his wife Jane McWilliams (1847-1907), who was also from Dublin, lived on 90 Danforth Street from 1866-1879.  Patrick bought 8 Briggs Street in 1867 from a Bill Lindsey.  Patrick lived there off and on (the primary tenant was Patrick's elder sister Alice & her husband Thomas, who was also a gardener).  Patrick and his family moved to the State Club Stables, in an adjoining rental house on 684 Congress Street in 1886, where Patrick worked as a hostler (stable hand).  In 1906, Patrick eventually returned to 8 Briggs Street. 

Patrick's father, James, moved to Portland at some point prior to his death in 1871, although no Portland Census records seem to pick him up in 1870.  James died about 6 months before his daughter Mary Ann did.

Patrick & Jane married in Portland in 1866, and had twelve children:

1.  Margaret Ella Wade (1867 - 1869).  Named after Patrick's mother, but died at age 2 of scarlet fever.

2.  Carrie Starr Wade (1869 – 1905).  Carrie married salesman John W Dunn (1866-1910) and had four children.  They lived on 35 Taylor Street.  Like many of her family, and of that era, she passed away from pulmonary tuberculosis.  She and John had four children:

-Jeanette (1891-1979) married Thomas Joseph Keough, who was born to Irish immigrants (and I've confirmed is no relation to the Nova Scotian McKeough family which married into the Portland Irish families of my research).  Incidentally, Thomas' mother's maiden name was Dunn.  This may have been a marriage of cousins.  They had three children, Bill, Ruth and John.  Jeanette worked as a typist at the railroad office, and this family lived at 50 Western Promenade, right across the road from the Western Cemetery.  Her son, William Joseph Keough (1919-1942), was a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and died as a result of air operations during WWII.

-John Raymond Dunn (1892-1894) died at 2 years old.

-Margaret (1898-??) was orphaned at age 12 when both her parents were then dead.  It's unclear what happened to her.

-John Dunn (1900-1963) was a railroad clerk who never married.  He was orphaned at age 10.  He lived for a while in Lowell, Mass, and retired to South Portland Maine.

3.  Edward Wade (1870-1871).  Died at 6 months old.

4.  Margaret G. Wade (1874 - ).  Maggie was given the house on 8 Briggs Street from her father in 1910 just before he died of senility.  She married Charles B. Lee in Portland, in February of 1914, and in April of that year she sold off the house to her cousin, Mathew John Leonard.  No further information on her yet.

5.  Annie M. Wade (1874 – 1894).  Annie died of kidney failure at age 19.

6.  Joseph P Wade (1877 –  ).  No further information.

7.  Alice Harmond Wade (1879 –  1909).  Alice married James Thomas Delaney from Maine, and then moved to Worcester, Mass.  She died at age 30, and it's unclear if they had children.

8.  Julia Wade (1881 - 1882).  Julia died at age 1 of infant cholera.

9.  Jane Wade (1882 –  ).  Jennie studied to be a nurse, as of 1910.  She married John F. Quigg of Northern Ireland in June 1913, and moved to 41 Bartlett Street in Boston, where she started her family of five children.

10.  Lawrence D Wade (1884 –  1933).  Lawrence was mentally disabled, and spent his life in institutions:  Augusta State Mental Hospital, and Pownal School in New Gloucester.

11.  Helen Edith Wade (1886 –  1912).  Helen married Christian Jurgenson from Oakland, Maine in 1911.  She died 9 months later of eclampsia, giving birth to her son Wade, who died 2 days later.

12.  James E Wade (1888 – 1959).  James fought in WWI, and later married Mary Mitchell (born to Portuguese parents).  They moved to Orange County, NY, and later Rutland, Vermont, where he died in 1959 of arteriosclerotic heart disease.


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