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The Wade Family of Dublin Ireland

James Wade (1797-1871) & his wife Margaret Riley were farmers from the Burrow of Portraine, County Dublin, Ireland who moved to Portland, Maine like many Irish Catholics during the Famine.  They had eight children, three of whom (Alice, Patrick & Mary Ann) figure prominently in my family tree, though they are no direct relation to me.  There are records of a couple Wade families living in the Burrow of Portrane near the Leonards.

A different James Wade of Portrane apparently had a somewhat contentious relationship with Mathew Leonard, who lodged a complaint in 1887 against him for allowing seven of his chickens to trespass on Mathew's freshly cropped land.

Some collected information regarding James and Margaret's eight children (with hyperlinks pointing to baptismal records from Donabate Parish):

1.  Alice Wade (1827-1865) married my great grand uncle Thomas D. Leonard (younger brother to James' neighbor Mathew mentioned above), moved to Portland Maine and lived there on 2 Briggs Street.  They had five daughters, two that survived to adulthood.  Alice died of consumption in 1865, just 6 six years before her younger sister died of consumption.  Thomas died in 1912.

2.  Judith "Julia" Wade (1830-1908) arrived in Portland 1852, and married Cornelius Cragin, who had arrived in Portland from Ireland the same year as Julia.  They lived at 17 Canton Street (Potters Lane) in the Bayside District and had seven children.  Cornelius was a laborer.

3.  Patrick Joseph Wade (1834-1912) and his wife Jane McWilliams (1847-1907) came from Dublin Ireland and arrived in Portland Maine in 1861.  They lived on 90 Danforth Street from 1866-1879.  He bought 8 Briggs Street in 1867 from a Bill Lindsey.  Patrick lived there off and on (the primary tenant was Patrick's elder sister Alice & her husband Thomas).  Patrick and his family moved to the State Club Stables, in an adjoining rental house on 684 Congress Street in 1886, where Patrick worked as a hostler (stable hand).  In 1906, Patrick eventually returned to 8 Briggs Street. 

Patrick's father, James, moved to Portland at some point prior to his death in 1871, although no Portland Census records seem to pick him up in 1870.  James died about 6 months before his daughter Mary Ann did.

Patrick & Jane married in Portland in 1866, and had twelve children.  More about this family can be found here.

4.  Peter Wade (1835-) might be the same Peter buried at Calvary in this gravesite.

5. Marion Wade (1837-)

6. Mary Ann Wade (1840-1871).  Mary Ann was a domestic servant for the Stevens family in Portland.  She died at age 31 of consumption, just six months after her father..

7. Ellen Wade (1843-)

8. Bridget Wade (1845-)

Many of the Wades listed above are buried at Calvary Cemetery, South Portland, near the Leonards in my family.  There are many other Wades buried at Calvary, and they could be cousins of the above.  Many of them appear to have lived on Salem Street (which runs perpendicular to Briggs).

I find it interesting that so many people in this extended family died in the year 1912.


Another Wade family lived in the same part of the West End of Portland, on 3 School Street (later moving to 83 Salem Street)...although I've yet to confirm exactly how they may be related to the above:

Patrick Wade (1842-1877) migrated from Ireland to Maine in the 1860s, and in 1864 married Anna Moels (1844-1911), daughter to Robert and Catherine Moels, all from Ireland.  Anna worked as a laundress.  They had five boys:

1.  William Henry Wade (1864-1895) never married, died at age 30.

2.  James E. Wade (1867-1909) worked as a "U.S. Laborer", and married Julia Corkrey in 1901.  They had three children:  Margaret, Edward and Julianna, and James passed away just after conceiving Julianna.  These three kids lived well into their 90s, much unlike the prior generations.

3.  John Wade (1869-1928) married Ida Roherty.  No further information.

4.  Alfred J. Wade (1871- ??) worked as a match factory employee.

5.  Robert Patrick Wade (1876-1879) died at age 3.

All of this family (except Alfred) is also buried at Calvary Cemetery.  It would be interesting to see if perhaps this Patrick was cousins with the Patrick mentioned above, who was about seven years older.

Below is the 1847 tenant farmer roster for The Burrow, taken from "Griffith's Valuation".  James Wade is located as tenant for several properties, along with a William Wade (who might be his brother or father).


  1. Hi Greetings from Donabate and Portrane.I find this great , very interesting to an novive local historian. The Leonards are staill living in The Brrrrow, I will pass this on to them i am sure they will love it.
    Cheeck out the 1001 and 1911 Irish census.
    Pat Andrews Kinsella

  2. Sorry for the typo, that shoud be of course 1901 census, and I am not Anon.
    Have you been here , the little small village is now very populated and considered [relatively ] affulent !!
    Pat Andrews Kinsella

  3. Hi Pat, thanks for the nice words. I'm in touch with a few of the Burrow Leonards now, and have also looked at all available census records. Apparently the property has been in the family for 500 years! I would love to one day see the Burrow. -Scott Leonard

  4. Great ,glad you got this ok.
    I work with one of the Ls and when I return from leave next week I will let her know of this blog.
    Check out New York Times Nov 25 2005 , a little piece about Donabate , and the part of the village my great-grands parents lived[ the very poor part !!!

    Also see revpatrickcomerford.blog.com for a lively accont of the history of this part of the world, it really is very good. I have met Rev Comerford and he is very knowledagable of all here .
    Finally did you know the movie The Spy who came in from the Cold [Richard Bruton 1965]was part made in the Burrow !!!

  5. Hi Pat, thanks for the additional suggestions for reading, especially the blog of Rev. Comerford. If you like, you can email me privately, or share my email with Leonards: lobsterjesus@yahoo.com. Scott Leonard

  6. Hello,
    I just accidentally stumbled across this website. I am a Dodd family researcher and have traced from family back to Brownstown and Thomondtown [formerly Tomminstown], located in the Civil Parish of Lusk, in what is now called Fingal. In the late 1700's Thomas Dodd was living in Tomminstown [1798] along with three members of the Wade family, namely John [1782], Peter [1791], and Nicholas Wade [1798]. D'Alton's History of County Dublin states that the Rev. Nicholas Wade [1742-1802] of St. Michan's had relatives in New Haggard and Tomminstown since 1737. Mary Wade, widow, was living in New Haggard [1792] as well as Charles Wade [1800]. I would welcome hearing from anyone [keala.49@hotmail.com] in regard to these connections. Sincerely, Bernard

  7. Hi, I am confused. Is Julia Wade a daughter of James and Margaret? The first paragraph says they had 3 children: Alice, Patrick and Maryann but then after the first graphic it says James and Margaret had Alice, Julia and Patrick.

    1. Hi Alli, thanks for making me re-read that. I realized I wasn't clear, and also realized that I had done follow-up research on this whole family. I've updated the whole page to show the amended research!

      Thanks again, Scott

  8. Oh wow, you did update! Thanks!

  9. I descend from a WADE family. My ancestor is Ltn. William Newman WADE born c. 1799 and died 1841 Skibbereen, Co. Cork, who was a Chief Customs Officer in Skibbereen and R.N. He married in 1824 to Margaret O'Sullivan born c. 1804 died 1845.Skibbereen, Co. Cork.
    Their children were:
    1.Cornelius Wade b.c.1827 Skibbereen, Co. Cork.
    2.Robert Wade M.D. b.c.1834 Skibbereen, Co. Cork.
    3.John Cornelius Wade b.c.1834 Died 1894 In San Francisco, California, USA.
    4.Ellen Wade b. 1836 died 1867 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    5.Mary Kate Wade b.1838 died 1901 Northcote, Victoria, Australia.