Thursday, April 15, 2010

Virgin Post

This is a genealogy blog for everyone in my family. And I do mean everyone, as my research is not limited to only my mom's and dad's individual direct heritages, but all cousins, aunts, great aunts, uncles, great uncles, half and step relatives, and sometimes even the in-laws. I've learned that limiting your research to only your direct ancestry can dramatically limit your findings. You might want more info on grandpa, but you might not find it until you start looking at his sister's vital records, for instance.

But by being so inclusive, anyone who might read this blog might have a lot of skimming to do in order to get to information about their own family. It seems the lesser of two evils. But, I will tag each post with the surnames that apply to that research, so anyone looking to find information on just their own family can easily access it.

Through my membership at, I've met lots of other researchers who happen to be 3rd and 4th cousins. I will attempt to share what I've learned from them as well.


Scott Leonard

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