Monday, April 19, 2010

Royal Scottish Roots (Fuller/Bean)

As referenced in other blog posts, Arthur Fuller's paternal grandfather was Samuel Bean Fuller.  Samuel Bean Fuller's father was John Fuller, a direct 6th generation descendant of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower, and Samuel's mother was Mary Bean of New Hampshire, direct descendant of the MacBean clan of the Scottish Highlands, which is traced all the way back to 1266 AD, to the birth of Bean MacDomhil Mor.

We believe Mary's father to be David Bean, who fought in the Revolutionary War, and was from New Hampshire.  David's 3rd great grandfather was John Bean from Scotland.  David's paternal grandmother was Martha Sinkler/Sinclair, who is a direct descendant of the noble Sinclair and Sutherland lines, who are descendants of many Scottish Royals:





The above three were the last Kings of the Pict/Alba Nation, a tattooed tribal group that ruled northeastern Scotland throughout the beginning of recorded history, later expanded into today’s Scotland. King Kenneth McAlpin was the first ruler in a long line of dynastic kings of Scotland, continuing with his son Constantine I and grandson Donald II, who ruled until 900.




Donald II's son, Malcolm I was next in line for King of Alba, followed by Kenneth II and Malcolm II, who ruled until 1034.


Duncan, the grandson of Malcolm II, ruled Scotland for only 6 years. He was murdered by Macbeth, as made famous by Shakespeare’s play. The play, however, depicts Duncan as an old and sick king at the time of his murder. The truth was that Duncan was only 27 when killed.


Duncan's son, King Malcolm III, ruled the Scots for 35 years. He took over when Macbeth was finally defeated.

His wife, Queen Margaret, was the only royal saint of Scotland, in recognition of her personal holiness, fidelity to the Church, work for religious reform, and charity. She attended to charitable works, and personally served orphans and the poor every day before she ate. She rose at midnight to attend church services every night. She was known for her work for religious reform. She was considered to be an exemplar of the "just ruler", and also influenced her husband and children to be just and holy rulers.


Malcolm's son, King David I of Scotland, ruled Scotland for 29 years (1124-1153). During his reign, he put Scotland through many changes, in particularly the “Normanization” of Scotland. He ultimately didn’t get to see the expansion of Scotland into how we presently refer to it.


Above is pictured King Robert I of Scotland (1274–1329), a 5th generation descendant of King David I. Robert the Bruce ruled Scotland for 23 years, with the single goal of achieving the true independence of Scotland. He is the king that took over after William Wallace led his band of warriors against the English invasion (as seen in the film Braveheart). He lived in many castles, including Fyvie Castle, below. His daughter, Princess Matilda, or “Maud”, is the direct ancestor of Arthur Fuller.



King Robert II ruled from 1370-1390. He was the first monarch from the famous Stewart Dynasty. His birth was legendary because his mother was riding horseback, got thrown from her horse, broke her neck and died instantly, and a stranger came and delivered Robert after she died. His son, King Robert III ruled from 1390-1406.



Robert’s son, King James I, ruled Scotland from 1406-1437. However, the first half of his rule he was imprisoned in England, and the second half, when he returned home to Dunfermline Castle, he was continually threatened by cousins claiming a right to the throne, and was ultimately murdered by Walter Stewart. His daughter Annabella is the direct ancestor of Arthur Fuller.


Caerlaverock Castle:

The Catholic Maxwell clan was a legacy of barons who lived at Caerlaverock.  Their proximity to the English border meant they had to face several sieges from the English, and ultimately against the Protestants as well.

Jane Maxwell, my 17th great grandmother, was born there in 1395, and died there in 1458.

Her ancestors lived their entire lives at Caerlaverock:

Herbert Maxwell (1366-1421), my 18th great grandfather.
Robert Maxwell (1340-1410), my 19th great grandfather.
John Maxwell (1310-1373), my 20th great grandfather.
John Maxwell (1285-1346), my 21st great grandfather.
John DeMaxwell (1262-1307), my 22nd great grandfather.

Oliver Castle

The Frasers are a large clan that originated in France.  In Scotland they ruled a province named Peebleshire (now Tweeddale).  Sir Simon Fraser born, 1226.  He married a lady named “Grizzle Flava”.  Haha.  They were my 21st great grandparents.

Their son and grandson were both named Simon Fraser, born in 1246, and 1266.  Sir Simon the 16th is in charge of the Fraser Clan today.

Simon and his progeny fought during the Wars for Scottish Independence.  The Castle of Oliver was on very high ground 1000 feet above sea level, and by the late 1640s was in a ruinous state and past all repairs.  It was replaced in 1649, but no longer stands to this day.

Lochleven Castle

Agnes Munfode, my 18th great grandmother, died here in 1377.  She had married into the Douglas Clan that resided here.

Kinnairdy Castle

This castle in Aberdeenshire was built by the Innes Clan, a family of minor barons initially from Innes, Morayshire.  The castle was sold off in the 1600’s to other families, but it was repurchased by a descendant of the Innes’ in 1923, and is still owned and run by them today.

James Innes (1437-1491), my 15th great grandfather
Walter Innes died here 1454, my 17th great grandfather
Robert Innes died here 2/1/1464, my 16th great grandfather.

Huntly Castle

The Gordon Clan built and maintained this castle for centuries, ultimately granting it to Historic Scotland in 1923. 

Janet Gordon, my 15th great grandmother, was born here in 1442.  Ten years after, the castle was burned to the ground in a battle with a neighboring Earldom.  A grander version, seen above, was built in its place.

Dunbeath Castle

The Innes Clan passed this on to the Sutherland Clan, who lived here for centuries.  Marjory Sutherland, my 15th great grandmother, died here in 1480.  In the 1600’s the Sutherlands passed the castle on to the Sinclair Clan.  Today it is privately owned by a non-descendant, and is not open to the public.


  1. Fun to get some facts about the "real" Macbeth clan!

  2. I am an Innes living in America. Not a common name by any stretch here in the U.S., but I was aware of a presence of our clan in Scotland. My grandfather who carried the name died before I was born, thus never really "passing" the name history on to me or my older brother. I knew there was a castle in the Innes clan but I don't know how broad the clan actually is. I know it is not your duty, but I would love to know more about my history and where I am from. My name is Andrew Innes and I currently reside in Charleston, SC USA. I would love to visit and explore some family history; it would mean a lot to me to know about my family origins to someday visit. or

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