Sunday, April 18, 2010

Herbie & Ginny Clarke

Herbert Francis Clarke, Jr. (1928-1994) was Grampy Clarke's 2nd born son.

He married Virginia Holmes (1931-1983) from Falmouth in July of 1945, when she was only 14 years of age. They had seven kids, and at least sixteen grandchildren.

Ginny was well loved by the whole family, and her passing at only 52 years of age was tragic. Herbie passed 11 years later, after a long battle with cancer, and a second marriage to Hazel Pelletier of Casco.

My mom worked with Uncle Herbie out to Prout's Neck as landscapers for homes of the wealthy.


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  1. Herb and Ginny was always close to me. I loved them so much !
    We had a lot of fun going to the dances, or just hanging out
    at their house drinking coffee and telling jokes. Always in my
    heart and on my mind.I miss them so much !