Monday, April 19, 2010

Keep it in the Family!

There are several instances of the Tookers, Clarks, and Halls intermarrying in the 1800's in Lyme and East Haddam, Connecticut. To name a few:

• Lizzie married Niles Clark in 1887. But her elder sister, Francina, had already married Niles’ elder brother, William, in 1869!

• Niles Clark’s elder brother Charles married Harriet Hall, whose father Harvey was married to Lizzie’s aunt Francis Tooker!

• The parents of Nancy Hall (Lizzie’s mother) were Sarah Mott and Harvey Hall. Nancy’s brother Charles Hall married Hattie Clark (Lizzie’s niece through her sister Francina).

• Lizzie’s father, John, had a sister named Sophia Tooker. She married James A. Clark, son to James Hamilton Clark (Leonard Clark’s father).

• Leila Belle Clark (granddaughter to Leonard Clark) married Denison Hall, grandson to Harvey Hall and Frances Tooker.

• Rachel Clark and Laura Clark (sisters, and granddaughters to Leonard S. Clark) married Ralph and Arannah Tooker (brothers, and grandsons to John Harvey Tooker).

• Olive Tooker, daughter to John Harvey Tucker (Lizzie's grandfather), married Joel Clark (unknown parentage).

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