Monday, April 19, 2010

Cousins Marrying? Why Not!

Poor Arthur Fuller. There were so many instances of his ancestors marrying as cousins, I made a valiant attempt at keeping a geek record of them, although most of them involve his royal ancestry:

1. Welsh sisters Isabel and Maud Marshall had great grandchildren that married, to produce Elizabeth DeBeauchamp, born in 1305.

2. English Roger DeClare's Great Great Grandson married his own Great Great Great Grandaughter, also to produce Elizabeth DeBeauchamp (poor Liz).

3. In the 1460's, John Stewart of Scotland married twice, and one kid from each marriage ended up with grandkids that married, to produce William Sutherland in 1558.

4. William Sutherland and Janet Innes of Scotland had two children, William and Elizabeth. William Jr’s. great granddaughter, Janet Sutherland, married Elizabeth’s great grandson, Henry Sinclair.

5. In the 1540's, George and Elizabeth Sinclair of Scotland had two kids, whose kids married, producing John Sinkler in 1630.

6. Two offspring of King Edward the Elder of England (Edward I the Elder and Elgiva), both half-siblings, got married and gave birth to Edgar the Peaceful. What’s more, Elgiva was a 4th generation maternal descendant, and 3rd generation paternal descendant, of King Ethelwolf of Wessex.

7. Back in 1780, two Osborn brothers from East Hampton NY married two Wyman sisters from Maine. Not an uncommon event, in and of itself, but THEIR grandkids ended up marrying each other to produce...guess who...Arthur Fuller, in 1868!

8. Thomas Perkins, born in 1475 in England had two kids, Alice and Henry, who supposedly married and had a kid, Thomas.

9. Fergus Lord and Elizabeth of England had two children, Gilbert and Margaret DeGalloway. They each had two kids that married, to produce Neil Carrick, born in Scotland, 1202. Neil was father to Margaret Carrick, was father to King Robert I of Scotland.

10. To make matters worse, Margaret DeGalloway was also grandmother to Neil Carrick’s wife, Margaret Stewart.

11. The parents of Alexander Sutherland (born 1534) are each 8th generation descendants of two separate daughters of King Robert the Bruce.

12. English brother and sister Marjory and David DeHuntingdon were each great grandparents to each of King Robert’s parents.

13. Aethelred the Unready had many children. One of them, his daughter Elfgifu, had a granddaughter, Ealdgyth, who married Aethelred’s son, King Edmund, to produce Prince Edward the Exile in 1016.

14.  John MacBean had two wives.  From his first wife, Hannah Lissen, he had a daughter Mary.  From his second wife, Margaret the indentured servant, he had a son Daniel.  Mary and Daniel's grandkids married to produce David Bean, Revolutionary War patriot.

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