Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Plummers of Raymond

The Plummer family of Raymond originally came from England just after the Mayflower, as part of the Great Migration.  The earliest settler appears to have been Joseph Plummer (sometimes spelled "Plumer") in 1633. Joseph and his son, Joseph Jr. (1654-1728), were early settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts.

The son of Joseph Jr was Aaron Plumer (1693-1755).  In 1728, Aaron Plumer received a land grant from the town of Scarborough, on the condition that he leave Newbury and settle in Scarborough permanently.  He arrived in 1730, and the area later came to be known as Plumer's Neck (now known as Winnock's Neck), but the name Plummer's Island remains at the end of Winnock's Neck:

Aaron's son Moses (1723-1798) was born in Rowley Mass, and migrated to Scarborough with his father, where he remained for the rest of his life.  He married Mary Dyer of Scarborough.

Moses' son was Jesse Plummer (1754-1822) who moved from Scarborough and was the first in the family to move to Raymond.  Jesse's son, William Plummer, Sr. (1782-1828), had ten children in Raymond, and is the patriarch of the very large Plummer family remaining in Raymond today.

William Plummer IV (great grandson to William Sr.) (1870-1943) married to Georgia Anna Edwards of Raymond, and had two children:  Hazel (who died at age four), and their only son, Elwin Herbert Plummer (1915-1973), who married my aunt Laura Clarke (1925-2009) (after Laura had divorced Elwin's cousin Charlie Bickford).  Elwin and Laura ran the Plummer Farm in Raymond (pictured below) until Elwin passed in '73.




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