Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Temm Family Migrations (Germany to USA)

My 2nd great grandfather, Marcus Timm of Hamburg who migrated to Maine around 1852, was one of several Germans bearing the Timm/Temme surname to have migrated to America in the 1800s.  This post will seek to track other similar families, using available records, to determine the possibility of a relationship to my Marcus.

Thanks to ship arrival index cards found on NARA microfilm, I was able to learn the following:

1.  A ship arrived in Baltimore on 1 October 1833 carrying 36 year old farmer Heinrich Timm, 27 year old woman Christine Timm, 7 year old boy Friedrich Timm, 5 year old girl Margaret Timm, and 2 year old Catherine Timm, all of Germany.

2.  A ship arrived in Baltimore on New Year's Day 1836 carrying a dyer named Joseph Temme of Germany.

3.  The ship Ernestine arrived in New Orleans on 4 Jun 1850, carrying 18 year old woman Louise Temme, all of Germany. 

4.  The ship Diana arrived in New Orleans on 8 Nov 1851.  On it were a number of Temme family members from Germany:  42 year old man F. Temme, 30 year old farmer A. Temme, 17 year old boy A. Temme, 15 year old boy E. Temme, 12 year old boy C. Temme, 8 year old boy L. Temme, 6 year old boy F. Temme.

5.  A ship arrived in Baltimore on 2 July 1869, carrying 56 year old woman Friedke Timm, 52 year old farmer Friedrich Timm, 26 year old woman named Arigote (sp?) Timm, and 18 year old woman Friedke Timm.

Cards attached below:

Other Timms found in Maine Directories, which may or may not be related to Marcus:

-Neils Timm, farmer/laborer:  Portland Directories (1895, 1896, 1898).  Lived on 24 Summit Street and worked at 13 Spring Street.  I wonder if this was a cousin of Katie's?  Maybe he was one of  Marcus' little brothers?

-Fritz "Fred" Timm, shoemaker, born in Germany Sep 1852 (migrated 1873, much later than Marcus), naturalized 1884:   Belfast/Camden/Rockland Directories (1875, 1877, 1899), lived on Mechanic Street in Rockland and Pleasant Street and Bridge Street, both in Belfast.  If there's any relation, then he'd be Marcus' nephew.

-Vernon Timm, millworker at S.D. Warren:  Portland Directories (1950-1964).  Lived on Pine Street in Portland with his wife Mary.

-H. Alan Timm, Executive VP of First National Granite Bank of Augusta (1962 Augusta Directory).  Lived on Manchester Street in Augusta with his wife Barbara.

-Frederick N. Timm, assistant manager, Personal Finance Co. (1948 Dover, NH Directory) lived on Barrington Street in Dover with his wife Marjorie.

-Christian Christoph Temme of Missouri was born around the right time to be a younger brother, and was a politician after the Civil War.

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