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The Fullers of Lowell Massachusetts

My 4th great grandparents were John Fuller (1773-1842) of Campton New Hampshire and Sarah "Sally" Bean (1781-1841) of Sandwich, New Hampshire.  There are some records of a Mary Bean being born in 1774 in New Hampshire, but I don't think there is a connection.  Our "Sally" was indeed buried in 1841 in Lowell, at age 60.  Their marriage occurred in 1801 in Moultonborough, NH, and their names were listed as Jonathan Fuller & Sally Bean. John & Sally had potentially 11 children together (a few of them have yet to be verified, and notes to that effect are included below).  The 1810 Census appears to have them at New Holderness, near Campton, New Hampshire.

The Move to Peacham

In 1817 or so, they moved from Moultonborough, New Hampshire to Peacham, Vermont, where they ran a farm on MacBean Road near John's brother Bethuel, who had moved there about 20 years prior.  John's elder sister, Mary Mercer Fuller-Wheeler, had settled in nearby Danville, VT by 1790.  According to the family, John's son, Samuel Bean Fuller, didn't move to Peacham with the family.  He stayed behind in New Hampshire, living on his uncle Samuel Bean's farm in Meredith.  John moved his family to Lowell, Massachusetts at some point between 1830-1838.  Around the same time that John moved to Lowell, his brother Bethuel left Peacham for West Bloomfield, Michigan.  I wonder what happened in Peacham in the 1830s to cause both brothers to leave their farms behind?   According to a Peacham historian, farming in Peacham was always hard, but the 1830's were a period of relative prosperity and the sheep boom had not yet ended. Indeed Peacham reached the zenith of its population in 1840. The westward migration started in the 1840's. There were many Fuller farms in Caledonia County, Vermont at that time, and some preliminary research indicates that many were descendants of other colonial Fullers than this line.

John and Sally died in 1842 and 1841, respectively, about a decade after arriving in Lowell.  John died of bladder disease.  They are buried at Old English Cemetery in Lowell.   Below is Sally's gravestone, which appears to have held up, but John's, likely in the vicinity, didn't survive due to the fact that many old graves in the area were made of marble, which is a poor choice for braving the harsh New England weather.

Here is a brief summary of collected, and ongoing, research regarding the children of John & Sally: 

1.  Moody B. Fuller (1802-1855) was born in New Hampshire (probably Moultonborough).  Since this was John's first born son, I'm thinking that Moody may have been a nickname for John.  Sally's mother's maiden name was Moody, so this is likely the source of the name.  There are 1830 and 1840 Census entries for his very unique name (and the age seems to match) in Smithfield, Rhode Island, and was married with several children.  He worked as a scythe grinder and died of consumption in Blackstone, Mass.  He is buried in Millville Cemetery, Mass.

2.  Hannah Fuller (1808-1887) was born in New Hampshire (although some sources claim Peacham, VT).  Around 1837 she married Hiram Russell of New Hampshire.  They had three children (Charles, Edward, and Helen) in Lowell, Mass., but later moved to Lawrence. 

3.  Samuel Bean Fuller (1812-1890) was my 3rd great grandfather.  He was born in New Hampshire, just before the family's move to Lowell, Mass.  He later moved to Waterville, Fairfield, and Winslow Maine to work on the railroad, and eventually settled out in Ottumwa Iowa during the Civil War, setting up a dry goods business which burned down not long after it started.  Samuel had 7 children and 18 grandchildren.  Many of his descendants ended up in Missouri, Seattle, California, Chicago, and Maine, but none of them stayed in Iowa.


4.  Abner M. Fuller (1813-??) was born in Massachusetts.  I haven't found any information on him at all.  This notation only comes from Henrietta Chapman's diaries.  At one point, I was confusing him with an Abner Fuller born in Lancaster to Edward & Susan Fuller, and moving to Orange, Ohio.  This is most definitely not him, however.

5.  Harrison H. Fuller (1814-1885) was born in Moultonborough, NH.  He married Arvilla Hill of Epping, NH, (sister to Parsons Hill, who married Harrison's sister Caroline).  Harrison and Arvilla they stayed in Lowell, where Harrison worked as a police officer.  They had five children.  Their sons, Edwin and Charles, fought in the Civil War.

6.  Porter W. Fuller (1815-1853) was born in Moultonborough, NH.  He worked on a farm in Lowell most of his short life, and died in the Almshouse at age 38.  He died of dropsy, and is buried at Old English Cemetery near his parents.

7.  Josiah Fuller (1817-??) was born in Vermont, according to all census records.  He married Ellen A. Smith, and had one son, Willie.  They settled in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where Josiah worked as an almoner.  I can't find any direct proof that Josiah is indeed the child of John & Sally.  His 1900 census states his parents were born in VT, which is wrong.  However, his Chicopee marriage record states that his father was named John.  This could be another non-relation.

8.  Mary Bean Fuller (1818-1885) was born in Vermont, according to all census records, and her death record.  She married a brickmason named Daniel Chapman, and they had five children.  She ran boarding houses in Lowell and in Lawrence, which housed many Irish and Scottish immigrants.  Mary died of apoplexy in 1885, at her son in law's house, next to Broad Street Cemetery, and is buried at Edson Cemetery in Lowell, with three of her children.  Her death record, interestingly enough, lists her parents as Josiah Fuller and Mary Bean, both of New Hampshire.  I'm pretty sure this is an error.  The only Josiah in this family was her brother (listed above).  I couldn't find any couple matching those names for the appropriate time period of her birth.

9.  Sarah Ann Fuller (1819-1882) was born in New Hampshire.  One record has a Sarah Ann born in 1819 in Winchester NH to a John H. Fuller and his wife Parmelia Conant.  This family's ethnicity is written as Canadian, so I doubt this is the right Sarah...or possibly this Sarah is not of this family.  Another source lists her birthdate as 1816 in Marlborough, NH.  This also seems unlikely, when the past two children were born in Vermont (if we're to believe even they were of this family).  Anyhow, this Sarah appears to have married a Corbin Gould of Orange, Mass., and they settled in Boston with six children.

10.  Caroline W. Fuller (1821-1881) was born in Vermont.  She married Parsons Hill of Epping, NH, (brother to Arvilla Hill, who married Caroline's brother Harrison).  and moved to Lynn, Mass, where she had three children.  Their eldest, Caddie, died at age 15.  Their son Herbert had a daughter he named Caddie, who died at one year of age.  This family is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn, Mass.

11.  Juliet W. Fuller (1821-1862) was born in Vermont, and was a twin to Caroline.  She married Charles Wentworth, and had one child, Frank.  They settled in Worcester, Mass.

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