Friday, April 13, 2012

Elwood Noyes Osborne

William Noyes Osborne's only son Elwood (nicknamed Eno) grew up in the Osborne Homestead, and was also a student at school taught by his aunt Clara (nicknamed "Caddie").  Eno always said that Caddie was more strict with him than with other students.  He went to University of Maine Orono for college, and ultimately settled in Pittsburgh area for 25 years.  He married Crafton, PA native Sarah Frances Hoskinson, and they had two daughters.  They lived for a time in Shaler, PA, where they had a maid named Cecelia Marsden from "Etna".

Eno moved his family back to the Fairfield Homestead in 1951.  Sarah died few years later in 1954.  In 1957, Eno remarried to Estherann Rollins of Auburn, and they had a boy and a girl.  In 1952 and in 1972, he ran for State Legislature.  He won in 1952, but I'm not sure if he won again in 1972.

Eno died just after his 99th birthday, and had spent his entire life at the Osborn Homestead in Fairfield (with the exception of his time in Pittsburgh) and was very active in town, city and state politics. His grandson owns the Homestead as of October 2011, and is looking to sell.  The land and house have been in the family since 1805.

Pictures and obituary of Eno Osborne:

The below obituary incorrectly references the date in which his great grandfather Isaac Osborne settled in Fairfield.  While the Osbornes indeed moved to Maine in 1786, they moved to Winslow.  It wasn't until 1805 that they settled across the river in Fairfield:

Gravesites of Eno and his two wives:

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