Thursday, November 18, 2010

Francis Leonard (1863-1961)

Francis Leonard (1859-1961) was baptized in April of 1859 at Donabate Parish.

Frank sailed to Maine with his brother Mathew John in 1881.  He lived there for three years, having worked at JB Brown's sugar mill in Portland.  He missed Dublin, and moved back in 1884, living at the old family homestead at House 15 in the Burrow.  He was briefly married to a lady who died prior to 1901.  In 1905, he married a Margaret Byrne (1887-1961) in Dublin.  Margaret was born in Dublin, but grew up in Liverpool, since her parents had moved the family there in 1891.

Frank and Margaret had five children:

1.  Thomas Leonard (born about 1906) had three children:

--Mary (no information found)

--Frankie Leonard, who had four children of his own.

--Mattie Leonard Sr. (abt 1935-2010) had eleven children of his own.

2.  Margaret May Leonard (1909-2000), who married a Michael Hoey (1900-1986) from Meath.  They had two daughters.

3.  Elizabeth Agnes Leonard, who married a Daniel O'Rourke, and had two sons.

4.  A child who had died as an infant. 

5.  Alice Leonard (abt 1913-abt 2002) (named after Frank's sister).  She married a McLoughlin, and had a daughter Ann.  She made a visit in 1964 to the Portland family, and she hosted her brother Mathew's and Elizabeth's children when they visited her in Donabate, Dublin. 

Rumor has it that Frank had many more children after Alice.

Frank applied twice for dog licenses, in 1896 and 1898.  He owned a red terrier (his father Mathew owned terriers as well, so Frank had grown up with them).

Frank Leonard lived to be 102 years old.  He and Margaret are both buried at Donabate Parish Cemetery.

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